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Date: 7-24

Episode: 1

Welcome to Seestra Gaming!

This is the Gaming podcast for those who are hardcore about not being hardcore!

I am : Harainna! And I am Eva!

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New Show Format

Our Individual Thoughts on the topic:

Harainna: The sticky situation with doing a podcast that is focused on one game is that if that game goes south, you fall out of love with it, or the company seems to be infested with sex offenders….You are left with 2 choices. Stop the podcast or Change it!

Well we decided to change in order to encompass the games we are playing , alone and with each other on our Seestra Gaming Twitch Channel!

This is going to be a gaming Podcast with a loose structure that covers whatever we want to talk about in the gaming world and community!

Eva: Thankfully we don’t have to change it too much, Since we do play a variety of games and have awesome adventures in all of them. I do think that our new format will be a lot more fun, freeing and not so scripted to one game. I’m gonna have fun with this!


Blizzard being sued

  • Video game giant Activision Blizzard Inc., maker of games including World of Warcraft and Diablo, fosters a “frat boy” culture

  • Female employees are allegedly being subjected to constant sexual harassment, unequal pay, and retaliation, according to a lawsuit filed by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

  • This isnt just a fly by night accusation, or a class action lawsuit, but the culmination of A two-year investigation by the state agency that has found that the company:

  • discriminated against female employees in terms and conditions of employment

  • including compensation, assignment, promotion, and termination

  • Company leadership consistently failed to take steps to prevent discrimination, harassment, and retaliation

  • According to the complaint, filed Tuesday in the Los Angeles Superior Court

  • female employees make up around 20% of the Activision workforce

  • are subjected to a “pervasive frat boy workplace culture,”

  • including “cube crawls,” in which male employees “drink copious amounts of alcohol as they crawl their way through various cubicles in the office and often engage in inappropriate behavior toward female employees.”

  • It is also alleged that male employees play video games during the workday while delegating responsibilities to female employees, engage in sexual banter, and joke openly about rape, among other things.

  • A spokesperson for Activision Blizzard said in a statement

  • “We value diversity and strive to foster a workplace that offers inclusivity for everyone. There is no place in our company or industry, or any industry, for sexual misconduct or harassment of any kind,“We take every allegation seriously and investigate all claims. In cases related to misconduct, action was taken to address the issue.”

  • Alex Afrasiabi is alleged to be a large offender regarding these behaviors at activision blizzard and has since had his NPC removed from inside the game.

  • Alex Afrasiabi (alias Furor, or Valnoth on the forums) is the former Senior Creative Director for World of Warcraft at Blizzard Entertainment.[1] He was originally hired to the team as an Associate Quest Designer[2] on March 14, 2004.[3] After 16 years, he left Blizzard in June 2020.[4] In 2021, Afrasiabi was later in a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard regarding his behavior while employed.[5]


Mike Morhaime@mikemorhaime

My Thoughts


Chris Bratt@chrisbratt

Jul 23

Oh god, I'd not seen this before. It's heartbreaking.

Here's a 2010 Blizzcon panel in which a fan was brave enough to ask a panel full of men, including J. Allen Brack (left) & Alex Afrasiabi (right) whether there's scope for some of WoW's female characters to be less sexualised


Jul 23

I wrote a letter to Mike Morhaime back in 2018, after I left Blizzard, and while he was still President and CEO. It read, in part:

Josh Allen aka devolore @devolore

"If I'd known this was happening I would have stopped it" says the man who was told repeatedly that it was happening and did nothing to stop it

Harainnas Take:@HARAINNA

  • The horror stories coming out about #Blizzard are atrocious & I personally don't feel right supporting them as it stands.

  • Just my personal stance.

  • Azeroth is still in my Yellow heart

  • My ❤ goes out to all of those who have had to suffer in any way!

  • I thirst for justice to be served!

  • PSA:Remember that each of us are individuals & game for different reasons.

  • Each of us cope differently, make our stands against injustices differently, & process our approaches to problematic situations differently.

  • IMO:Feel OK with your personal approach to the situation.

Im going to wait to see what comes out about how they are handling this internally. Predators like those we are learning have been able to run amok for years at Blizzard, well before Activision merged with them. They can tweet out that they are sorry all day long imo, but until their actions start lining up with their words? I'm not changing my view about the situation. Time will tell!


We asked:

Are the ethics of the company who developed/develops the games you play important to you?

Final Fanstasy

Thanks to Grae@Smirking_Lion for tweeting out that Final Fantasy Online is on-sale right now!

Shit's on sale, yo. Fire

Come play with us if you want/need/feel an urrrrrge.

What We are doing in game

Eva: My role in the game has changed with how I am in life. I am very adventurous, taking out trolls, and exploring. My love of sims has crossed into valheim and i spend too much time detailing the house, and collecting everything to do so. Which has made me more adventurous in games.

Took out Bigfoot, two shaman greylings, and two poisonous ones at the same time with my basic gear and basic bow. Screaming the whole time while talking to HARainna on the phone.

New Sims Pack: Cottage living, Canning, chickens, farms, gardening, grim reaper, alpacas.

New world: love proximity chat, gathering/skinning/herbing Picking the faction (harry potteresque) Faction chat/guild chat/world chat Pve/Pvp quests, town quests, story line.Camps/spawn point.



  • We were having a lot of fun playing wow classic together!

  • I was loving every minute of running from the Fel Reaver, Taking Eva on a “lets get your flight paths ahead of time tour through the outlands

  • Watching Eva fall into a rock and get stuck , then to realize she got stuck with ANOTHER PERSON! I went to turn around and go up on the bridge in Nagrand AND FELL OFF THE SAME CLIFF and died lol

  • We learned that the scryers hate my face lol


  • We have been playing on our Seestra Gaming Valheim server I host through Nitrado and made out first fort .

  • That game is so much fun so far !

  • The barking deer took a lot to get used too!

  • I lost my mind when I went outside our cabin to figure out where this angry gurgling noise was and it was a greyling kicking the biscuits out of our cooking stuff!

  • The building is frustrating so far, I hate having to build work benches everywhere just to build . Seems redundant.

  • I love that the creatures of the forest are summoned to attack us

New World!

EVGA confirms it's replacing all its RTX 3090s killed by Amazon's New World MMO

VGA has confirmed to us that every one of its GeForce RTX 3090 cards that have been killed by issues with the New World MMO closed beta will be replaced by the company: "Yes, all failed 3090’s are being replaced," a spokesman for the company has said.


Shout outs etc.

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